micke-midlife on December 13th, 2008

aktia cup, hakunila, drizzling rain and a couple of degrees celcius above zero. not the weather you’d dream of for a 10k race, but pretty darn good for the 10k winter running series in hakunila, vantaa, just north of helsinki. about 260 runners found their way out there, as harri the race director mentioned afterwards. and definitely not the worst. with winning times of around 35mins on the womens side and 30 mins for the men, it’s a pretty decent field of participants.

micke-midlife proved in his third test that the direction is still showing the right way.

the only way is up, baby!

sorry couldn’t resist to quote this song title of the band “yes” from the end of th eighties. with 36:14 it’s a new personal best in this project. but only a mere 26 seconds improvement over the last test. stay tuned for an analysis of the run and what it means progress wise.

results of the race

juhana’s blog report on the race (in finnish)

reflections on the third test race

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