micke-midlife on November 30th, 2008

it’s day 99 and week 14 just got completed. the test race a week ago has brought back motivation. now it’s time to have our sight on test race #3 in two weeks time. another 40-50 seconds of the current time, to bring the 10k time down to the 36min mark, preferrably a bit below than a lot above. the recipe is focus more on consistence than on speed. Long runs, basic runs and farlek with accelerations every now and then at the end.

week 14 was with 76.5km total distance, quite ok for a 10k training, but not really much when thinking that it’s the marathon we prepare for. the runs were partly quite slow, due to the snow that came last weekend. Also the new shoes are stiffer and feel “slower”. now that the snow has gone away, a switch back to the old shoes is possible. the coming week really should up the ante, the real long distance training needs to begin. make the weekly distance a three figure number. starting from tomorrow’s 20k run.

a sneak preview into the sub-2:30 marathon training plan showed training for 7 days a week with a total distance of around 120km per week. a one-week trial in the winter without the 1000m or 2000m interval runs would provide us with a “tasting sample” of next year’s summer. enjoying the summer during the rainy early winter season has always been my dream…


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