micke-midlife on November 7th, 2008

not quite sure if this was a good training session or a bad one. on the one hand, out of the planned 8×1000m intervals, only 4 were run. it was way too close after lunch (3 hours), got stomach ache and felt the need to go the rest room towards the end of each effort. but then those four runs showed quite some speed. 3:22mins for the first one, 3:28mins for both the second and third and 3:30 for the fourth. rest in-between was only 400m jogging compared to earlier 600m jogging. this is clearly one level up from previous intervals that were mostly on the other side of the 3:30mins mark.

it’s something interesting to observe that after a race interval running times and results on other timed training runs go up a notch. this clearly underscores the need for races in the preparation for a bigger goal. the energy at road races provides furtile ground for excellent speed work and improvement of VO2 max (capacity of oxygen) intake. and you don’t have to do it alone!

with the total milage being 17.5km today, the training session felt eventually as a good one.

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