micke-midlife on October 19th, 2008

here between week 8 and 9 of the total 57 weeks (=400 days) and things look good. not for the bankers but for this project. hm, there’s a thought, will the banking crisis’ stock market effect last as long as this project?

anyway, another set of yasso 800s on day 52 (tuesday) indicates progress over the previous similar session two weeks ago. an average time of 2:44min per 800m run would suggest a marathon time of 2:44h (see explanation of yasso 800s here). mh, that’s not to be trusted. i think, i got used to running shorter distance intervals too quickly. let’s add at least a 10-12min error margin. that would make a marathon time of around 2:56h, still way (too much?) ahead of the progress curve.

the hill runs yesterday, on sat should have been 10, but turned out to be just 6. well… they’re gonna be 10 runs next time…

with two weeks to go to a first 10k race (see the masterplan), next week’s going to be a bit less both in distance - going down from 92km to around 80km) and intensity (fewer interval sessions). really interesting parts are the longer interval runs on wed, 2 x 2000m + 3 x 1000m, and the fartlek on sat, 2 x 4km, that’s where speed meets endurance. hope those won’t give too much reason for procrastination… there should be more of those runs in the coming weeks.


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