micke-midlife on October 30th, 2008

it was dark and cold and windy and rain poured down. if i hadn’t agreed with a friend from work to go out for a run, it would have been the fourth day in row without training. it’s not supposed to be tough this week anyway, because there’s a 10k race on sunday, but there was some running planned. the sudden darkness in the evenings due to daylight-saving has brought some not very welcome change.

they say that running in the rain is no problem, it’s the clothing that can be. well, well, this sounds to me like the marketing department of any running gear outfit. we were out there, water dripping of our faces, the hands becoming stiff from the wet cold. we were happy that didn’t take the 10 or 16k route, but left it at a nice - because short - 6.7km stroll. if this weather continues that way, my friend suggested some alternative training sessions, e.g. one of these “yeah let’s all do funny moves in a room” thingies, i.e. body pump or some other hamster wheel stuff.

never the less here some (copied) tips for running in the rain - short version here, long version behind the link:

  • dress in layers, no ski jacket
  • wear a hat, less rain in your face
  • don’t overdress: not too much clothing, could also mean: use your old gear, your new and shiny stuff is useless, people will mostly pity you.
  • be visible, reflectors’n stuff
  • use a garbage bag (for your shoes afterwards, they stink!), naa, here we talk about standing behind the starting line at a race in the rain.
  • just run, … eh yes, i guess that was the whole point.
  • dry out your shoes afterwards, even if you think its good fun to put on wet shoes on your next training session

hm, i think, i still prefer the run in the rain to the body pump session (you almost got me).

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