micke-midlife on October 29th, 2008

dangerous times we live in. the headlines after the spring and fall daylight-saving shifts indicate that man came up just with another means to toture its kind. our friends in north america who decide to be part of this fun part of life every other decade (or so) seem to suffer the most. news headlines in canada and the us see daylight-saving MIGHT cost us more in energy bill, it COULD sabotage your sleep schedule and it CAN impact the risk of heart attacks.

the constant use of the conditional form in the headlines is definitely annoying. there’s a probability of something happening in everything. i.e. there’s a potential chance that you die earlier because of running (run over by a car) and there’s a probability that you live longer due to running (health and what not). reading such news is a waste of time.

the risk of heart attacks was studied to be 2% higher on monday following the spring shift due to one hour of less sleep. hey, better not having any kids, you definitely die young.

however, the fall shift made me not going out for training for three days in a row now. it’s dark, it’s cold and it has been quite wet as well. sitting in the warm office in front of the pc with a steaming hot cup of tea next to me was a way better proposition when imagining oneself running outside against the wind with the rain drops hitting the face and the wet clothes starting to cling to the body. but the big goal, the sub-2:30 marathon… hm, what ever,  next week…

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