micke-midlife on October 13th, 2008

the plan said 10×800m yassos, the mental threshold towards those and the sore bottom from the hill runs the day before voted for 10×400m. since the latter two were in the majority and it’s democracy we want to uphold, 400s it was today. those short interval runs tend to be a bit like fast food, quickly done and there’s not much pain (and no gain?). each run goes this way, acceleration up to 50m, finding the rythm until 100, keeping the rythm on the straight between 100 and 200m, at 200m starting to breathe heavier, focus on the second curve, not to get out of the rythm. open mouth panting like a railroad engine, home straight to the finish. it’s exhaustive for 25sec max. that’s little pain compared to the yassos or 1000m runs where slowing down after 450m or 500m needs to be avoided and the whole rest of each effort is a bit of a fight.

the runs were good, on average just below 75seconds, slightly faster than two weeks ago. perhaps the 400s intervals aren’t so relevant from now on anymore or they need to be structured differently, e.g. with shorter resting time in-between the efforts, e.g. 1,5 minutes only. don’t know yet.

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