micke-midlife on September 9th, 2008

no surprise that they call it “hundewetter” in german. with this constant rain throughout the whole day, it’s just dog owners and their four legged dirt collectors out there. sand, mud and stuff from the streets up their legs until right below their snout. there’s a happy sofa owner when rover makes the direct leap from the front door onto the living room’s center piece.

went out with the stroller to show our little one the rough sides of life, running while getting soaking wet in 5 mins. she enjoyed it, looking mainly after the dogs and wondering why daddy looks like having a shower with all his clothes on. daddy himself was worryingly watching his new shoes turning from pure white over wet grey to dirty grey, that was it, the trial period’s over, the good new-shoe-feeling needs to be replaced with something else, or should i just clean them. hm, no, dirty running shoes are testimony of experience of many long km runs. no-one cleans his running shoes, the dirt just has to fall off.

the run itself was not great today. pushing and steering the stroller interferes a bit with running, especially when you try to stay clear of the majority of major rain puddles, but it’s ok on a shorter active rest run. all in all i’m damn satisfied having run at all.

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