micke-midlife on September 21st, 2008

with this fourth week of similar training - except of the hill session in edinburgh - the first part of episode one concludes. episode one is in the first place building up the required stamina to train 5-6 times a week with a regular pensum of approximately 80 to 90 km per week. secondly it intends to improve speed for the longer distances, hence the training program is a modified “sub-35mins on a 10k” program (german). the longer 2000m intervals weren’t yet possible in the required times (in 7:10min) hence i kept to the shorter 1000m runs. with 93.5km total distance in the last week, objective #1 seems to get fulfilled. we’ll see on behalf of the second aim. relative progress in comparison with the previous week(s) is visible, but where do we stand in relation to the overall goal? How could that be measured or estimated?

peter, the hill running expert of the portobello runners suggested the yasso 800s. you apparently can predict your marathon time by running 10×800m, the average time in minutes of your efforts equals your marathon time in hours. we’ll try it out.

Further, there are a numerous web pages where you can enter current 1000m, 5k, 10k or half marathon times and get an estimate based on a variety of theories. let’s dive into this world of speculation and false hopes ;-) … more to come.

the coming weeks, the second part of episode 1, will see more intensity with shorter and faster intervals, but first a week of rest. good for traveling, celebrating a birthday, having mom coming over for a couple of days and seeing others run the berlin marathon on sunday 28.09.2008.

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