micke-midlife on January 17th, 2010

15012010048Met Ari Monday this week while he was running bare footed on the 400m track at the Esport Arena. First thought, did he read the book “Born to Run”? Did he perhaps read the review of it? (The book praises barefoot running as a cure to a majority of physical inhibitors to running.) Well, as it turned out, no and no. But still he saw me doing it the week earlier and thought that must be a good idea. Great when people think that stuff I do is a good idea. The little princess does this as well when I do stomach workouts or lick the desert bowl - the latter to some not quite approving looks from the other family member.

So Ari also runs barefooted and I joined up with him. After a couple of laps we agreed that we should also run some good intervals together. That seems a better alternative than torturing ourselves individually, hence we said to meet up this Friday to do a couple of 1000m runs. Read the rest of this entry »