micke-midlife on April 9th, 2010

endomondo, running app and serviceA colleague of mine, Mark, he came around two weeks ago and suggested to have a look at this running application for your phone. He installed and tried it himself and liked it. Having used the Nokia Sports Tracker for quite a while, there was a benchmark to beat. These sports apps are becoming more and more and with Smartphones having more and more connectivity and sensors, there probably will be coming some more apps and services in the future. What’s interesting is that mobile phones have been designed for mobile use from the start, but when it comes to sports that include being on the move, many solutions still fall short of the requirements. It’s mainly I/O (input/output) paradigms that are the bottle neck. Try to read text on a phone screen while riding a bike, try to do something on a touch screen interface while running. It just requires too much effort. Hence sport apps need to optimize mobile use to the max. Endomondo goes a good step in that direction. (reserve some time, a bit of a longer post) Read the rest of this entry »