micke-midlife on August 19th, 2009

1908200919313 degrees Celsius in the morning while on the way to work, just below 20 degrees during the day. While on the run on the standard training route some first trees had yellow leaves and then this street lamp, already lit at 6pm. Well, perhaps a tad early in the year. The nights are dark black again, the bright summer nights are gone, but at 6pm there’s still more need for sun glasses than street lamps.

The leg muscles got stiff, they hurt every time when standing up or climbing up the stairs. Last weekend’s race, the interval runs on Monday and the long run (29,5km) today left their marks. And the massage service I use to go to (EUR 23 per hour!) is fully booked out on all evenings this and next week. Of course…

today’s training: long run, 29.5km, average pace of 4:07min/km