micke-midlife on November 15th, 2008

last sunday was father’s day in finland. unlike mother’s day which is pretty much harmonized across countries on the second sunday of may (except for the uk), father’s day is all over the calendar. in central europe e.g. it’s in june, in the us, japan, canada and the uk as well, australia and new zealand have it in september and the european nordic countries put it to the second sunday in november.

the good thing with father’s day is daddy gets a present! that’s not too difficult for the rest of the family with a running dad in the family. whatever running gear not yet part of the wide set of accessories beats genuine moose driving moccasin mocs by far. well ok, not quite, i’d like to think of running as an easy-to-do and uncomplicated sport, where the activity and performance is in the foreground and the equipment in the background and kept as little as possible. but running gloves as father’s day present in november with a gruelsome running winter fast approaching, that was a genius move by the present decision committee, i.e. the beloved wife.

the löffler running gloves are thin. operating the hear rate monitor, the nokia n85 running device or tying the shoes work fine. with other gloves fingers get clumsy so that that dexterity is limited. in addition there are reflectors on the sides like on all quality running gear. i expect to keep my hands warm while temperatures are going down to -8 to -10 degrees celcius. below that, thicker gloves will be needed most probably. finally, the löffler gloves are machine washable - easy maintenance, very important for a family dad!

warm hands = smiling dad :-)