micke-midlife on April 16th, 2009

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A slight variation of Sepp Herbergers famos “after the game is before the [next] game”. Sepp Herberger was trainer of the German national squad from 1950 - 1964 and a symbol of German football history, he coined a number of such iconic phrases. Two more are “The ball is round” or “The game lasts for 90 minutes”, mind boggling sharp observations…

Having had a break from running for about 10 days now, ok the occasional recovery run in between and the intervals yesterday were kind of a warm up into this next phase, phase 4 of the 400days project to be precise. The masterplan explains those phases in brief.

It’s time to change gears, faster runs, less distance, earlier at home, both the queen and the lil’ princess will like it. Training is based on a sub-33min 10k program. Well, I don’t expect it to get me below 33mins , but to around 33:30 - 33:50min. The training in details here. Race planning isn’t done yet, some 10ks and one, max two half marathons. Need some good races, Midnattsloppet in Stockholm will be one, any hints on more are welcome!


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