micke-midlife on December 15th, 2008

on the 19km fartlek run (no, it’s nothing nasty as you might think, fartlek is a swedish word used in international running lingo for “playing with speed”) today, there was enough time to reflect on saturdays’s 10k test race.

km1 was way too fast - again, 3:17mins. there’s no way to hold your horses at the start. adrenalin is high, testosteron even higher, not to talk about all the other substances… he he, no drugs needed here, not good enough yet for the additional pills. this time joined my pal juhana, who’s perfect in the lingering-in-front-of-the-starting-line-until-2-mins-before-start game.

km 2+3+4 were ok, but too much with a pulled handbrake. the first group of runners were too fast and quickly a gap emerged.

km 5 included the uphill/downhill section. the first two runners, leading with a huge margin to the rest came towards me at about the 4,5km mark, they led at this stage already by one km! their finishing times were below 31mins, max respect!

km 6, definitely the worst one, there’s always one devastating moment in a race, this one was it. the first woman passed by. you wouldn’t believe it, two heads shorter, the stride frequency twice as high and most probably 20kg less to carry around. this gazelle like thing just overtook. without mercy these things. this called for immediate fight back.

km 7, still bravely fighting back and breathing fiercly in her neck, well from 5m behind.

km 8, still breathing fiercly in her neck, from 50m behind…

km 9, whatever

km 10, finally the finish! 36:04 … 05 … 06 … 07 … step away, get me a clear view on the clock! … 36:14.

ok, well better next time.